Posted by Kristine

Dear People Whom God Loves,

We now turn to our journey through the process of integration rather than by will power alone.

Remember that our human emotions and impulses come from the two older parts of our brain:  the reptilian brain and the mammalian.  When we don’t have the newest part of our brain the prefrontal cortex, there is no morality.  It is only this part of our brain that can reason and understand moral right and wrong.

These three parts of the brain are connected.  They influence each other all the way from the oldest to the newest and from the newest to the oldest.  Our journey is to integrate them not to eliminate any one of them.

The older parts will want to go off on their own and by themselves have no concern about what the prefrontal cortex says is good.    At the same time they influence how the prefrontal cortex sees things.  This is why we are drawn to bad behavior and why the prefrontal cortex is drawn to rationalize our bad behavior.

We need to strengthen the influence of our prefrontal cortex on the older parts.    When we build new neurons and synapses in our brain the influence of the prefrontal cortex grows.  So how do we make this happen?

One of the essential things is something the mystics have known from ancient times. That is meditation.  The mystics didn’t know why it worked, they only knew that it did.

More next time.

Smile, God Loves You,

Father Clay