Posted by Kristine

Dear People Whom God Loves,

To continue.  One of the qualities of meditation is a deeper awareness.  An awareness of things just as they are.  Awareness without judgment.  The wonderful thing is that this awareness gradually builds more neurons and synopses in our brain.  This allows the prefrontal cortex to have greater influence on the older parts.  This allows us to be accepting of all that comes from the older brain parts and at the same time allows the prefrontal cortex to have increasing influence on the emotions and impulses of the lower parts.

Meditation can be done with or without referring to God. I find that my awareness of Love (God) in this whole process is very helpful.  In other words, my belief in the presence of Love in me, in others and everything and that this Love is holding me, others and everything, is a critical component for me.

Meditation allows us to see ourselves more truly and be aware when we need to grow and change.  As we are more deeply aware and see our sins and imperfections more deeply, humility is given to us.  Honesty brings humility.  Again I find that being held by Love is beyond value.

Besides meditation, building good habits is an essential part.  As we see what needs to be done and choose good behaviors, good habits begin to form.  As the habits form we find it easier to continue the good behavior.  These habits are formed in the limbic system and thus the limbic system helps us to continue good behavior.

My experience is that another integration takes place.  We don’t see ourselves as better or worse than others.  If our behavior is better than others, we realize that it is only by the grace of God.  As we see our behavior getting better we are not proud but grateful.  We realize that it could have been much different.  We realize that we can reasonably judge between good and bad behavior but we can’t judge the goodness or badness of people.

Finally, we come to realize that we are loved just as we are by the infinite Love we name God.  For that gift of Love we are eternally grateful.


Smile, God Loves You,

Father Clay