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I have plenty of fodder for New Year’s Resolutions, considering all the things I signed up for in the last few months of 2021: a peer networking group. A passion collective. Cooking for Lasagna Love. A LinkedIn “pod” where members promote each other’s content. Wearing the same dress for 100 days. I started a spirituality writing group. A 12-week wellness course that starts next week. I kicked off a new fractional CMO engagement (basically a new part-time job). I started working with a spiritual director. I signed up for a 7-day self-care jump start so I could go into the holidays healthy.

All of these groups and engagements come with structures and commitments and deliverables. They come with a payoff – and a lot of pressure. If you read to the end, you’ll see none of them make it into the things I’m holding myself to in 2022.

Katie’s New Year’s Resolutions: One Day at a Time. Do the best I can. Breathe love in. Breathe love out. Let that be enough.

Father Clay’s Message:  Love Is Patient; Love Does Not Insist on Its Own Way

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