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We had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend – reunited with people and traditions we missed so much last year. We ate a lot of turkey, lasagna, pie, fudge, quiche, cake and charcuterie. We played games and played with cousins and walked the dog. I reveled in things I’d been missing, and I worried about things I can’t control.

My goals aren’t very lofty or extreme. They certainly don’t rise to the level of the drugs and caring-for-the-poor of the women Father Clay writes about in Finding and focusing on “The One Thing”. Still, I like the stories he shares. Metaphorically, at least, I can relate. I am overwhelmed with possibility and responsibility and opportunity.

I don’t have a resolution to my feeling of overwhelm or a clear definition of my “one thing.” I keep hearing a voice urging me to organize my chaos – if I put structure to the too-much-ness, I’ll be able to work through it smoothly. Compartmentalize. We’ll see. I’m going to think / meditate / pray about where I am on this spectrum from Mother Teresa to Janis Joplin and ask for clarity on how I get more focused on my one thing.

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