Posted by Laurie Russell Pickert

The first time I made peace with anger was deeply personal: I was deciding what kind of job to get after my layoff, and I had to admit to myself that I was angry I had worked so much when my kids were babies. I wanted to call it something other than anger, and it was – it was grief and regret and frustration and helplessness. But it was also anger – and it was the anger that catalyzed my gumption to start my own business and take more control over my working life. Acknowledging the anger let me learn from it . . .

Father Clay wrote about all of this way back in the 80s. This letter puts anger into the context of our response to poverty, and I think it applies across all the types of injustices we see today. I know there’s anger on all sides of big, hard issues. But if we start with a lens of love, I believe we land in a place of compassion, justice, and wellness.

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