Posted by Kim Myers


We are very grateful to parishioner and artist Tom Dimock who created a lovely winter landscape of our beloved St. Stan’s. As part of a way to raise funds for our St. Stan’s community, we are offering Tom’s original painting for bidding as a blind auction. We will also be selling 5×7 and 8×10 signed, limited edition prints of the original painting for $30 and $60 respectively.

Parishioner Nora Hamburge writes “As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m grateful for how St. Stan’s continues to bless my life. Father Clay’s vision for St. Stan’s of ‘welcoming everyone’ resonates deeply within me and challenges me to grow spiritually in the very best way. As our spiritual home, we contribute to St. Stan’s however we are able. One way could be purchasing the gorgeous new St. Stanislaus print by Tom Dimock. It makes a perfect gift to benefit, honor and love the community we hold so dear.”

Please see the painting, prints and details for this special fundraiser in our church vestibule or contact Kim Myers, parish administrator at 651-224-7998 or