Posted by Laurie Russell Pickert


You have been my family since 1975. You have been the major part of my growing wisdom and love. I am grateful to you.

I leave with you the words of the legend of St. John the Apostle. When carried in on a stretcher Sunday after Sunday to give the sermon, he would say “my little children, love on another.” Then they would carry him out.

One day someone asked him why that was the only thing he would say. He responded, “That is the only thing that matters.” That is my final message to you.

I would add not only love one another,

Love people of all religions

Those who have no religion

Those who believe in God

Those who do not believe in God

Those who struggle with belief in God.

The Love that God is, is infinite. It embraces all people that have ever been or ever will be. We are all God’s Kids. There are no exceptions.

Please pray for me. Perhaps, I will be able to help you in the next life much more than when I was here.

Smile God Loves You,

Father Clay

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