Posted by Kim Myers



Dear People Whom God Loves,

I am not gone from St. Stan’s and each of you.

My body is not at the church. That is true, but my body is not me.

When my whole body was working, it allowed me to travel beyond next to the restroom. That does not make me gone.

I can still love you, talk to you, listen to you, help you in sorrow and joy.

That can happen through the phone, through letters and visits to where I live. For visits, please call me ahead of time so I am ready.

My guess is that I will have more face to face meetings than when my body was at St. Stan’s. Also I guess I will have more phone meetings.

When we are dealt lemons, we make lemonade.

What we call a separation is not a separation and likely will be better in many ways than before.

We are all so blessed that Father Dennis has committed to being a part of our parish community. It is my hope that you welcome Father Dennis who will be keeping St. Stan’s a vibrant, accepting and loving community, and I will still be your pastor.

Smile, God Loves You

Father Clay