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Many of Father Clay’s Homilies have been
arranged by subject and transferred to CDs.
These recordings are available at the church.

For those who prefer books, Father Clay’s second book,
Surrounded by Love , is available there too.

His first book, Dear People Whom God Loves ,
though out of print, is available at the church
on CD as a pdf file.


A series based on the book
The Process of Forgiveness
by William Meninger







FUNERAL HOMILY (This is a PDF document)

WEDDING HOMILY (This is a PDF document)

Homilies MP3’s 2018

9-23-18: “The people are the Church”

9-16-18 About Fr. Dennis

7-28-18: “Greed”

7-21-18: “Lust and Gluttony”

7-14-18: “The House of the Lord”

7-7-18: “Come to Me, all who labor and are burdened, and I will refresh you, says the Lord.”

6-30-18: Mission Sunday

6-23-18: “Anger”

6-16-18: “We are the Love that God is, that makes us exist.”

6-9-18: Corpus Christi

6-2-18: Clergy Abuse Survivors

5-26-18: Most Holy Trinity

5-12-18: “Proclaim the Gospel all over the world.”

5-5-18: “You Are Special”

4-28-18: “Vines, branches, and transformative love”

4-21-18: “Shepherds, mothers, and fathers”

4-7-18: “Merciful love of God”

3-31-18: “All called to resurrection”

3-17-18: “Greed”

3-10-18: “Lust”

2-24-18: “Anger”

2-17-18: “Pride”

2-10-18: “God is with us, we are never alone.”

2-3-18: “Jesus Is What God Is”

1-27-18: “If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts.”

1-20-18: “God wants us to be happy.”

1-13-18: “I am here Lord to do your will.”

1-6-18: “Jesus’ coming is for everybody”

Homilies MP3’s 2017

12-30-17: Feast of the Holy Family

12-24-17: “God became like one of us”

12-16-17: “Behold, our God will come and God will save us.”

12-9-17: “Lord Let Us See Your Kindness and Grant Us Your Salvation”

12-2-17: “Lord Let Us Turn to You and Let Us See Your Face”

11-25-17: “Loving those who need it the most”

11-11-17: “My Soul is Thirsting for You O Lord My God”

11-4-17: “Human Trafficking- Sr. Ann Redmond”

10-28-17: “Christian Spirituality”

10-21-17: “God Loves All of Us All the Time and Making Amends”

10-14-17: “We Are Invited to Come to the Banquet”

10-7-17: “The God of Infinite Love and Our Responsibility”