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October 25, 2020

• Blog: Taking the Pressure Off Forgiveness

Laurie Russell Pickert

Check out a new blog from Katie Walter were she reflects on forgiveness – Katie connects an experience from her past week to Father Clay’s message about forgiveness. Katie reminds us that we can’t pressure ourselves to get to a state of forgiveness or letting go, we can only try to start the process.

October 24, 2020

• Remember Your Loved One

Laurie Russell Pickert

During weekend masses for October 31 and November 1, names of loved ones to be remembered will be placed on the angel tree.  Remembrance of these individuals will be live streamed during the 4:00pm Saturday Mass, October 31, 2020. In the form below, enter the name of the individual(s) you wish to have remembered or […]

October 17, 2020

• Father Clay’s Legacy at St. Stan’s – KSTP.COM

Laurie Russell Pickert

KSTP Eyewitness News is going to feature a story about the legacy of Father Clay’s pastoral work at St. Stan’s. The story will be presented on Tuesday, October 19 at 10:00 p.m. on their special local segment. The video will also be available on their website Joe Mazan of KSTP visited St. Stan’s on […]

October 14, 2020

• Blog: Observing World Mental Health Day – Oct. 10th

Laurie Russell Pickert

A St. Stans blog UPDATE from our own Katie Walters reflections on “Observing World Mental Health Day” and Father Clay’s letter reflecting on “Struggling with Fear, Healing with Meditation”.

October 7, 2020

• Blog Update – “Stay Rooted in Human-ness and Humaneness”

Laurie Russell Pickert

A St. Stans blog UPDATE reflecting on our own Katie Walters reflections on “Stay Rooted in Human-ness and Humaness” and Father Clay’s letter telling us it’s “Okay to be Human”.

October 5, 2020

• Youth Group Opening Night 10/7

Laurie Russell Pickert

October 3, 2020

• Father Clay’s Last Message to All of Us

Laurie Russell Pickert

FATHER CLAY’S LAST MESSAGE TO ALL OF US You have been my family since 1975. You have been the major part of my growing wisdom and love. I am grateful to you. I leave with you the words of the legend of St. John the Apostle. When carried in on a stretcher Sunday after Sunday […]

September 21, 2020

• Father Clay Funeral Mass Video

Laurie Russell Pickert

In recognition of the pandemic, please visit this virtual stream of Father Clay’s Funeral Mass.   The stream is also posted on the St. Stanislaus Facebook page.

September 18, 2020

• Blog Update – “Hearing Father Clay’s Call to Relieve Suffering”

Laurie Russell Pickert

A St. Stans blog update reflecting on Father Clay’s message asking us to “Think of privilege of being invited to be co-workers with God in relieving sufferings”.

September 17, 2020

• Visitation for Father Clay

Laurie Russell Pickert

In recognition of the pandemic, arrangements are designed to support social distancing guidelines. To open the funeral to everyone a virtual funeral will be streamed at at a later date. A public visitation will be held on Sunday, September 20 from 2:00 to 5:00 at St. Stanislaus Church, 398 Superior St., Saint Paul, MN […]

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